2009-08-12 20:50:48 by mangostenmaster

I remember when I was a young kid, and I used to spam everything for that ficking Strawberry Clock. Well, Now I am going to officially end my Carreer in Animation, as I have grown bored of pissing off people, and have set my dreams on bigger things, like... Architecture (going to be my major.) I will always remember this spam site as a garbage hole for the greatest. I bid you audeau.


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2010-09-15 17:57:32

suck my dick.


2010-10-11 19:42:53

You most likely will never read this message but I'll still post. Our friendship broke a long time ago, and it was meant to happen. It's awkward in the hallways seeing you, but I'm glad we stopped being friends. True be told, you improved a lot after we stopped being friends. You became more normal and had other friends. Me, I've grown to have different friends now. Still we had good times, and that one fishing trip was okay. Well, see you never again, but have a nice life. You've earned it.

(Updated ) mangostenmaster responds:

Thank yo Ricksed. Yes, I remember how much of a dick I was to everybody. I kind of regret it now, how much of a douche I was to you, to the whole Garbage whistle crew. I apologize for what I did. But I guess it's far too late to change anything.I guess in the end, you all were ok. I am just here to post so that I can finally put this ancient argument to rest.


2011-06-15 21:54:43

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