2008-10-19 21:38:43 by mangostenmaster

These horrid people, the terrorist osama's... they don't deserve the Jews land.

Anyways, I have a cousin visiting Vietnam and Korea.
Yeah, Vietnam. They have a bunch of motorcycle.

Korea: That was about a year ago...


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2008-10-21 20:35:21

Howzit going?

Just responding to your comment about GWC. I don't really care that they fell :P I care that people somehow think I care, but that's about as far as my care goes.

I think SparkWattClock was the only one keeping it together anymore :(
Just how Yoshi, Axe, and I were the ones keeping L7C together, then yoshi found better things to do, I got too caught up in sk00, and AxeWarrior..well..he still wants L7C back :P

He's a good kid.

mangostenmaster responds:

Yeah. Remember how i was kicked out? I have better things to do too. d: ...

That's not a diss. anyway, I remember the last time me, ricksed and SWC met in groupe, it was over charges of me trying to cause a "revolution" against the crew. Anyways, what happened was that I was found giving letters to people to protest for me to be a mod... ):{. GOD! What did some of the other mods do to get in? NOTHING at most cases. Look at me, I made the biggest GWC series and made the map and alternative flag. The other subjects in that personall talk was the fact that I beat up ricksed.(he's my friend again) and that I lost the elections unfairly. He also talked over the problem with a lagging site report on attendance. And that I supported the Uzi Crew. Dang.
That was the last day I was in the crew. After that, I hacked into SWC's account and changed the password so he can't enter anymore. I was also helped by two other former members that are out of the question.

But even if that didn't happen, my quitting was a major loss to the crew and Fatkid quitting put the final nail in the coffin. I havent talked to L7C in a while. How's the shades gang? Tell yoshi I say hi.


2008-10-22 19:35:48

L7C fell apart. I don't know anything about a shades gang :P

As soon as my computer died I lost most of the groups I belonged to on here, I'm now just Rahvin :P not even a vampire anymore, I just can't change my name.

I'm sorry to hear they kicked you out, I don't remember much about that, actually, but it sucks. My job was recruitment, that was basically it...I got 'em in. If they quit after or were kicked out, that wasn't my deal. I'm sorry SWC and ricksed were dicks, glad you made up with ricksed though. I've had quite a few people on ng I had to beat up before we were friends...and vice versa. Life for example, he and I had a few heated arguments, he usually won, but we're friends now because of it.