The sea of the Crimea

2008-10-04 22:21:18 by mangostenmaster

This may turn Ugly.

Uk vs Rs.


There is a flash for the mario flash crew coming soon enough.


Anyway, there IS a flash coming out for the MarioFlashCrew. It will come out soon, but last time I checked, it looked like SPRTR's Resource is closed.

Anyway, I am about 45-50 minutes in. Wait a bittie.


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2008-10-06 21:13:26

*looks at bottom of post*

Haven't I told you to work longer on your flashes?

mangostenmaster responds:

Yes. I meant in the time that the length of the actual video was in. I meant seconds too.

Burgenland is an actual place, in Aüstria and Hüngary These are some hungarian letters:

%u0150: (:Ø)

Dz: Dy

Sz: s

S: Sh

Á: O

Gy: yj

N: n

Nágy: Noyj.

Hüngarumlaut: %u0150%u0151, %u0170%u0171

The Hüngarumlaut is also used in Farøese as a replacement for Ø

Quite a language class eh?


2010-06-17 02:03:38

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