Technótrónic YEAH!!!

2008-09-26 17:28:47 by mangostenmaster

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This weekend there would probably be a MarioFlashMovies Crew flash and possibly a flash for the Jetpack crew. Here are some video's that i was searching for recently.

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Yeah you all been rickrolled.

Happy Rosh Hashana to all. That inclúdes ricksed.


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2008-09-28 19:35:09

*looks at text below your avatar*

Actually, America's in one hell of a shitty state at the moment. X3

mangostenmaster responds:

Cum on mon, have some faith in your country. Atleast it's not Iran. South Korea rules.


2008-09-29 16:23:57

I used to have faith in my country. But that was before we were thrown into this economic recession we're in at the moment. And before this "historic election". Yeah, historic. It makes history as "the day America falls apart again". It's 1929 all over again! George W. Bush is just another Herbert Hoover. Makes me want to learn Japanese and move somewhere in Japan. Because staying in America is not an ideal choice, unless you WANT to end up in the streets. I have a feeling the middle of our local park will turn into a "Bushville". (Instead of "Hooverville". Man, I'm a genius! X3) If America actually DOES return to it's former glory, then maybe I'll reconsider my thoughts on this whole thing. But we have two extremely inept presidential candidates running for office, and one even more inept person already IN office! And if McCain is elected president, he's going to focus all our forces in Iraq, and ensure America's doom. And Sarah Palin. SARAH F**KING PALIN. What the hell was McCain smoking when he picked her as his VP? And Barrack Obama, I got nothing against the guy, and he might do good in the office, but if I know racist people, especially the Ku Klux Klan, they will react violently to Obama getting office. America's falling apart, and there's nothing we can do about it.

(Updated ) mangostenmaster responds:

I know, it may sound odd, but Japan's no candy either. They hate foreigners guts. (ask me) Don't worry, it may seem bad these days, but it wont fall appart. Infact, it is a very strong country. You havn't seen Japan during the days of the North Korea Missile crisis. Nasty, just plain crazy. But, I mean as a Jew, I have to say both Japan and USA are both pretty hospitable. Israel will be the first choice for my people. They are very hospitable and very rich even if the economy of most of the world is going a little down. It won't destroy the Earth. Trust me. HUNGARY Is NOT where you want to go! It is not so bad with war either. They won every single one (Israel I talk about/ of)