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2008-03-15 00:02:00 by mangostenmaster

Marth... from fire emblem is............... HUNGARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Durian Durian!!!

2008-03-08 11:10:35 by mangostenmaster

These days, I am in the mood of learning. Learning information, about.................................
........ ................ ..... ................ ...................... Demographics and how to improve my flashes. If anybody has anything to suggest about my flashes, please comment and please give me advice. To all fans of the gwc, thank you and good night. Nacht, noche, leila, narge, and others. Please help me!

Durian Durian!!!

Coming soon to a computer near you!

From the makers of Sparkwatt's back, Rocks and Snails and Hey Arnuld, the GWC Productions bring you... THE GWC SPRITE FLASHES!!!!!!!!!!!!
View the GWC Sprite Flashes!

Now in its 6th episode the flash has made a mark on the GWC.
These days we will like to present you the GWC sprite flash series!!! It has...

A crazy story!

A ridiculous character set!

A ha ha U sed Doody reply!

A sound track as random as pie!

Famous character cameos!

Great flash Story!!!

And much more!!!

I Miss the 90's!!!

Watch the GWC Sprite Flashes!!!


2008-02-20 19:30:50 by mangostenmaster

Look at my avatar...

It looks funky don't it?

Oh and some new flashes are coming soon.



2008-02-18 21:54:22 by mangostenmaster

This contest was canceled


Sorry for the wait.

2008-02-05 17:36:13 by mangostenmaster

Sorry for the wait. There were many exams these days in my secondary school.
Our new episodes will be coming out soon these days. Ofcourse that is for the old GWC sprite flash and possibly a new series if this new flash passes. Oh and ofcourse some apologies.

Sketch clock
Shades gang
Chris the stick
And possibly others.
I am at sapporo for a week or two so, yeah, but don't worry.

And now a list of some of the greatest games in history:
Earthbound (mother2)
Donkey kong country.
Super mario RPG
Super mario world
Super mario bros 3
Kirby superstar
Shin Oni Ga Shima.
Super mario 64
Mario kart
Ice Climbers
Yoshi's Island super mario world 2
Monoliths super mario world
River city ransom
Street fighter
Final fantasy 3 ((original)
Knights (sega dreamcast)
Super smash bros BRAWL!!!!!
And many more.

Go ness.

Sorry for the wait.

Good news and... bad news :-(

2008-01-05 21:32:19 by mangostenmaster

There is some good news.... and some bad news :-{
The good news is A: I am now the leader of animation on GWC and B: The GWC Sprite flash is going to get new episodes. The bad news is that my Good ideas that didn't work flashes won't come out after all. Instead, I am working on a new show called mario around the world! No it is not Hotel Mario (fuck this!) Luckily, the 1st 15 seconds are finished now. Good luck??? There may be audio from me now.
I will probably specialize in the disturbing catagory. Happy winter!!!!!!!!!!?
ps: Durians smell good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news and... bad news :-(

New Growth

2007-12-08 01:29:02 by mangostenmaster

This new year, there will be all new video's, games and they will be much better than the crap I made in the past. The movies are already edited and will be released as soon as my ban occurs. I just got actionscript yesterday, so the development of games will start soon.

Here's an NEARLY unknown fact about the Garbage whistle crew. I am one of its founders, even though spark watt clock doesn't want to give me credit. Me, him and ricksed had the idea in the first place, but then I got busy and they left me behind. They are like always telling me that I am not of use anymore. Well, I don't really care. They don't have my skill (chuckles) also known as imagination. They copy it from Naruto. (by the way that show rules) Well, enough said and see ya!!

New Growth