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It's my best one yet! Please post!


2008-04-24 18:57:37 by mangostenmaster

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when the Next elections come, I will be nominated. ONE OF YOU ADMINS NOMINATE ME!!!!! Oh and Fatkid, how do you turn a .band file into a NG downloadable MP3? My crappy mac won't let me!!! It sais it's an invalid file!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY FLAME ME OR I WILL EAT YOU!!! BETTY YOU ARE DEAD IN MY EYES. You are FRKIN' Dead!!! Come back I will USE MILITIARY STRATEGY ON THE LGWC!!! I WOULD TAKE OVER OUR ENEMIES. ANYBODY WHO MESSES WITH ME BETTER PREPAIR FOR A COW BOMBING!!! RICKSED YOU IDIOT COW, VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANY NG COWS LIKE c0x or Betty, you are dead in a fold is no intermet conection, i fall hole now I beat turkeys to death. NEW EPISODE S OF LGWC SPRITE FLASHES COMING UP!!! Hoduck!!!

POST HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-04-17 16:58:18 by mangostenmaster

EVERYBODY WHO VISITS THIS PAGE, POST here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing an experiment. POOOOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Post !


POST HERE  RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never again

2008-04-14 21:51:46 by mangostenmaster

I have decided not to quit. To all you GWC members, vote and vote for me. I am not a noob. I have made 10 flashes and I have art + a song in production. I won't tolerate any more remarks. Vote and post it on the site. I am in it seriously now. Here is a picture of my dog. It will make your brain vote for me. VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never again

I quit.

2008-04-13 19:30:44 by mangostenmaster

Because of several reasons, I am quiting the elections. I mean
nobody here likes me anyway. Just give my votes to Fatkidwitajetpak.
Sometimes I wonder if I should stay or go.


2008-04-11 22:16:36 by mangostenmaster

My demands have been met and I am winning the election . The battle between me and sparkwatt is over.

It's finaly finished!!! See it at GOOGLE WAREHOUSE Download sketchup for free!!! It is cool!!! 3D!!!. If you are interested in joining please contact sparkwattclock. Hmoy!!!


I am ready.

2008-04-02 18:41:48 by mangostenmaster

I am setting my nomination to be an admin!

Here are some points to help you make a decision.

#1: I formed one of our groups largest flash series. Soon getting it's 8th episode, my flashes are one of the staples of the group.

#2: I love the GWC!!!
#3: I have a good idea on how to run a group. I am an expert with foreign relations. That will come in handy with getting allies.

#4: I am a friendly, Charismatic, understanding and fun guy.

#5: I have lived in Japan, the USA, Argentina and Tel Aviv. I have international ties.

#7: You guys and galls in our group are great, and I will try to help the best I can.

#8: I have a decent idea of how rules should be set.

#9: I am not a sore winner or loser.

Ofcourse, I am not pressuring you to vote for me, but it would be nice. I am ready to help my group and to help Newgrounds. If anybody in our group wants to run with me as a 2nd admin, Please leave a comment. Newgrounds is my life.

Top 10 games in history

2008-03-23 22:48:09 by mangostenmaster

Many of you have heard of ET the videogame for the Atari 2600. Well that's not on the list. That game sucked squirlle b-lls. Here are my personal top ten games in history. DK country was 11th

#10: Super Metroid.
The game was one of my personal favorites. The action was great. And the challenge was high. Graphics were paradise on this baby.

#9: The Legend of zelda: a link to the past.
Now this is the only Zelda game that you will find on the list. (i never played Ocarina) While the graphics were not perfect, the action was vast and it was always fun to beat up the chickens and The dark world was especially fun! It is definately a classic.

#8:Super Mario Sunshine.
Now, many of you hated this game because of peaches voice. One word; Whiners. The graphics were great. The story was fenominal and do you find many other platform marios where you can interact with the locals? Not really. Super mario Sunshine was great! Galaxy too but yeah, this was my second gamecube game (4th game in life) speaking of...

##7: Super smash bros Brawl!
Awesome. You were probably thinking of melee now weren't you? That game was great too but there was
too little plot. Subspace was great. The music was great. Hell the only bad thing was graphics.

#6: Shin Oni Ga Shima Heisei
Now most of you westerners never heard of this game havent you? Well it was a quiz game in which you had to save your island and adopted parents from Demons with help from your sister and pets. Enough said. It was pretty good.

#5: Kirby Super star. Like many games in one, this was real fun. The action was great. samurai showdown or what ever it was was my personal favorite. The cave capture or I forget the full name was the funnest part next. It was great. It is even playable today!!!

#4: Jump super stars. Great melee like action with Shueisha jump characters! My personal favorite was kenshin!

#3: Super Mario Bros 3: 3, 3 Haha. It was classic. Kuribo's shoe and all the other powerups were original and fighting in an airship or a tank. Genius. Pure genius.

#2: Super Mario World. This game. It was my 1st game. The donut bridge , fire burping dinasours, and the graphics. Pure genius. I actually got to the last special level in the whole game! After a year and a half during 2001, I finished it. My favorite levels were the chocolate plains ones and the ghost houses.

Now you have heard 10-2. Lets recap. 10: Super metroid 9: Zelda link to past. 8: Super mario sunshine. 7: smash bros Brawl 6: Heisei shin oni ga shima. 5: Kirby; super star. 4: Jump super stars. 3: Super mario Bros 3 and #2: Super mario World.


Paula, Jeff, Poo, Mr Saturn, Ness. What is there more to say? EARTHBOUND/ Mother 2!!! Even though some of you may hate it. This games story was ORIGINAL!!! Summers was such a great vacation town while Fourside was sprawlin'! The sanctuary's were heart touching moments and the majority of the rest... Hilarious. If only NINTENDO released it on the Virtual Console, maybe you would understand my pleas. Even the save points were heart touching. This RPG was the king and its sequal was also great. Unfortunatly, Nintendo is holding a grudge against the game because even though it sold grrrreat! In japan, when it was released in america it got boos from half the players. The culprit here? The graphics. But they were all whiners. I mean, it doesn't change the great game-play and Story. That is just a shame because now Nintendo is so mad, that they won't even release it on the virtual console. I say thats why you should all sign a treaty on and send it to Nintendo. I mean Nintendo and Sega were Great but graphics are no excuse for not rereleasing this great game. I am not the only one to complain. IGN called it the 33rd best game in history recently. Even though pain is conquering now, Our hearts will oneday sour for the rebirth of EArthbound.
Whoooooaahhhh!! There is rice gruel inside. Poo takes it! Hilarious

Top 10 games in history