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I am not going back.

2008-06-25 20:29:17 by mangostenmaster

sorry but i am not going back!

Birthday!!! Yay!!! (-:;

2008-06-22 20:04:59 by mangostenmaster

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Yay! My birthday's in two days!!! Way to go 14!!! 6/24/94!!! The 90's!!! Now to show my joy!!! I will list a post!


1) Ricksed: Good person, if not really unimaginative!!! LOL!

2) Fatkidwitajetpak: Just a great member and has high potential

3) Hybird63: Biggest turnaround in NG style. Once, in a major flame war, He has made his way back into greatness!

4) Supertoria12: Good member. Good art. That's all to say.

5) Yoshi77777: Good member. Needs a little more enlightenment.

My opinion on famous NG MEMBERS:

2) Ramadi: Needs to think of life in another persons shoes. Y'know.

3) Betty: Worst NG MEMBER EVER!!! She is pure evil!!!

4) Monolith...: Good game maker. I like his SMW hacks!

5)Marioflashmovies: Good person. Has a lot of potential. Keep it up!

Cant touch this!

2008-06-15 14:51:35 by mangostenmaster

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Stop; Hammer time!

Join the Diamond Kitties!!! I will give you all 25 Yen!!!

Dit is een lokaal alarm voor alle Welse mensen.

C'est une alerte locale pour toutes les personnes de gallois.

ciò è un allarme locale per tutta la gente di lingua gallese.

denna är en lokal som är vaken för allt welsh folk

esto es una alarma local para toda la gente galé

Szekily l%u0151kólmien%u010Dh f%u0151hren v%u014Fèr der lácal Szlôkyill Velszman Uladislau.

This is a local alert for all welshmen.

%u305D%u308C%u306F%u3042%u308B %u30E4%u30DE%u30E1 %u91E3%u6642%u9593!!! %u795D%u3046%u6642%u9593!!! %u6FC0%u8CDE!!!! It's Cherry salmon fishing time!!! All fishing dudez Rejoice!

%u3060%u308C%u304C%u91E3%u4E57%u7D44%u 54E1%u304C%u307B%u3057%u3044%u3068%u60 1D%u3063%u305F%u304B%u3002 Should there be a fishing crew or something? Good idea!
%u79C1%u306F%u30E6%u30C0%u30E4%u4EBA%u 3067%u3042%u308B! !!! Ok. I'm raved out.

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... XD Here. It's my new crew. The Google Sketchup/ Gargeband crew! Post here if you joined or had any questions or comments.

Google Sketchup/ Garageband Crew.

Well, it was doomed to happen.

2008-06-01 14:55:00 by mangostenmaster

I made a new club! Check out the Fruit Federation! or something like it! I will destroy a horse!

For the last two weeks, nobody is coming on the site, but me, cake, swc and occasionally ricksed. We need more people on the site. it's becoming a pain in the anus


2008-05-30 17:18:59 by mangostenmaster

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Sprite flash 11

Yes. It has a story!!!!!