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This one is called Don't You want me? Yay from the 80's/90's!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-07-21 14:36:50 by mangostenmaster

Great time in florida. Now is the midwest!


2008-07-17 17:53:00 by mangostenmaster

Why are there so many old people in Florida?... Kind'a odd eh?

landing in 3 hours

2008-07-14 15:29:36 by mangostenmaster

landing in 3 hours... WATARMELANE

Yay leavin' on Vacation!!!

2008-07-12 20:29:45 by mangostenmaster

For my vacation, I am going to Miami, Florida for their deep sea fishing (mostly) and food and NW Indiana! Okinawa bye bye!!!

Over the last few weeks, me and MarioFlashmovies have worked toghether to make the Pro Israel League! It will come out soon!

Holy Fuckacka!

2008-07-07 15:22:45 by mangostenmaster

I'm on fire!!!

Yay More melons!!!

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2008-07-04 20:24:27 by mangostenmaster

Early spring: After studying sprites and other types of methods in animation, i released episode 5 on my series. this was the 1st fully animated episode that i made. While it got ok reviews, the main complaint was the camera. After a week or so, I made ep6; the crown jewel of my series... It got great reviews and many people voted 5. It was my favorite episode; and the 1st one not to have a story. While in a week, i made episode 7 and my ads for the gwac. It was ok. People liked it and it got high votes. Around this time, my 1st flash to get over a 3.00 passed (ep 3) (crrntly i have 4 + not including the ones i was given credit to)
May: My flashes started getting popular. Yet, my ep 8 shattered it. At 1st it was my 2nd lowest scoring flash ever. I was getting less and less admiration in the crew and soon, it crashed. THEN, People saw the talent and joy in my flash and the score skyrocketed. The elections in the GWC were held soon and I ran. Yet, at 1st the vallot didnt have my name on it and It ran into a flash-flame war. I was then on and came in second; to fatkidwitajetpak. Yet, eventually the crew felt cold and barren and i was getting LESS and LESS appreciation for my work. Eventually, the crew came up with a reputation system and i was getting negatives. I complained that this is not fair (Like your average whiney 13 year old. I worked hard and was working for a place as a mod in the GWaC. Yet, relations burned as others who just joined were immediately granted mod or adminship. Then I made ep 9 and 10 which were my best scoring flashes and were extremely popular. Yet, I still lost rep. Then I fought and it got worse until I was let back in. Soon though, they permabanned me. Yet, soon i saw that i was happier without the GWC. I am currently trying to start my own crew. It will come out soon.

My history on NG.

2008-07-02 21:45:35 by mangostenmaster

It all started with me in late 07' watching a rupee clock flash. I was intrigued and joined the NG. Soon i went on to join the CC as Cherimoya (Custardapple) clock, which suddenly became distraught. One day, me and 2 other shunned clocks (SWC + RICKSED) came up to bring up the GWC. At 1st I was fully active, but then i became busy and lost track of stuff. On 11-28-07, i made my 1st flash only to get blammed. Two flashes later, i came with the GWC (my) sprite flash series. As some people liked it, I saw opportunity. I could work hard and gain respect on NG. 1.5 weeks later, i released the GWC SPF 2. This one was the 1st one to get high popularity and a score over 2.20. With that, i cast my business into full reel. Oh how wrong i was...
Early 2008; I released flash 3 and 4. While 3 had some small status, 4 was thought to be a text nightmare. Thats when i met Hybird63. We made this blam war suddenly bringing up Sketchclock and Chris the stick2. I had been attacked and attacked. Thats when i was ordered to make the GWCSWCRocks collab. At 1st, a highlight. Many liked it. Then, came the worst nightmare of my career.
The flame war soon enflamed itself into a whole battle involving the GWC and other crews. The L7C was hacked and we were fighting the kittie crew. For the 1st time in my life, i had become ill of stress. Soon i nearly dissapeared from the site for some studies of flash and sprites.
Early Spring;... To be continued

Next days; Episode two; Cherry blossoms bloom.

Earthbound club

2008-07-01 17:26:15 by mangostenmaster

It;s a good idea.